The Latest Industry News Stories From Mid-October


Philip Hammond looks to ease converting empty shops into homes

Chancellor Philip Hammond is eyeing changes to England’s planning system to accelerate the conversion of empty shops into homes, in a move that could help improve the housing crisis and ensure managed decline of high streets.

UK’s ultimate property domain goes up for sale

The UK’s ultimate property domain is available to purchase, set to attract strong interest from online estate agents and portals.

Renting rights: what England can learn from fairer systems around the world

Record numbers of families now rent privately in Britain. Twice as many middle-aged people rent their homes compared to 2008, and it has been estimated that about one-third of millennials will rent for their whole life.

Homebuyers to get simpler jargon-free property surveys

Homebuyers could soon be better protected against buying properties with serious faults because surveyors want to simplify “confusing” homebuyer reports.

Three ways to increase the value of your property

Owning a home is a huge achievement, but it’s also a hefty responsibility. With owning a home comes a significant amount of upkeep needed to maintain its value and a good quality of life. Here are the great ways to increase the value of your property.

Half of all lettings agents thinking of quitting industry because of fees ban

The impending tenant fees ban could entirely wipe out some agents’ profits, turning them into loss-makers – and half of letting agents are considering giving up.

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