Home Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your Home


Staging your home for potential buyers is arguably the most enjoyable and necessary part of the whole selling process, as the right atmosphere and décor lets them imagine what living there could be like. It may feel like you need to redecorate your whole house, but we believe there are simpler, cheaper and more effective ways to make those buyers shower you with offers. Here are our top tips for making key parts of your house impress.


First Impressions Count.


With buyers forming an opinion within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving, it’s imperative that the front of your house creates the best possible impression.


  • If you have a front lawn, ensure the grass is freshly mown.
  • Wash the front windows so that they shine in the sunlight.
  • Repaint the outer walls or porch woodwork if necessary.
  • Clean or power wash the driveway.
  • Hang house numbers outside.




The Lounge.

Not just a place to watch television, but where families and friends catch up and enjoy each-others company.


  • Declutter, clearing away all unnecessary items creating the idea of space.
  • Depersonalise the décor, removing family photographs and personal items that make it feel as if it’s still your home, and not theirs.
  • Bad smells such as cooked food, smoke and pets are known to deter visitors, so open your windows allowing the fresh breeze to remove any stale air. Scented diffusers such as citrus and green tea also help to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Symmetrical furniture arrangements always work well so rearrange sofas and armchairs for ease of conversation.




The Kitchen.


The kitchen is the most valuable room in your house, especially important to those who love to cook, bake and entertain in an open-plan area.


  • Touch up or repaint cabinets in modern, appealing and rich colours such as white, beige or black, and varnish any woodwork.
  • Organise your cupboards, ensuring food is stacked neatly and placing cookbooks on show.
  • Clean all windows, the sink, tap handles, appliances and fittings.
  • Place a basket full of fresh fruit on the kitchen table and a vase of flowers on the window sill.
  • Remove old sponges and tea towels and replace them with new ones.




The Bedrooms.


Where we all retreat to after a long day at work and where we spend cosy weekend mornings relaxing – the bedrooms have to evoke comfort and class.


  • Dress the beds in clean and neatly ironed white linen, with plumped up pillows and cushions at the head. A matching throw shows style.
  • If any bedrooms have striking wall colours, consider painting them in neutral tones, complimenting them with accessories such as lamp-shades and wall hangings.
  • Use mirrors to make the room look bigger, lighter and airy.
  • Clear desks and side tables of all clutter.
  • It’s likely visitors will look inside the closets to get a sense of size, so only fill them half-way with clothes.




The Bathrooms.


Bathrooms should evoke cleanliness and relaxation, bringing an almost spa-like quality to the home.


  • Clean, paint or varnish all cabinets, ensuring all medication is removed from within them. If they are beyond repair, consider replacing them or adding a mirror instead.
  • Remove any stains, mildew and peeling caulk from walls, tiles, windows and floors, freshening the caulk and cleaning these areas until they shine.
  • Thoroughly scrub all baths, showers, toilets and sinks.
  • Place toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and makeup in the cabinets, leaving out spa oils, packaged soap and candles by the bath.
  • Rolled up white towels on the window sill can add an air of class and it’s imperative no dirty towels or laundry are in view.
  • Lovely finishing touches include a bouquet of flowers on the window sill, as well as hand lotion and hand wash by the sink.




The Garden.


Everyone loves a garden, where they can host summer parties and BBQs and watch their children play. A well-staged garden can be a big draw and there’s plenty you can do with yours:


  • Clean all patio furniture, placing comfy and chic cushions on them to create conversation areas.
  • Pathway lights are a nice touch, especially for evening viewings.
  • Mow the lawn, remove weeds and plant colourful flowers around it.
  • If you have a shed, greenhouse or garden studio, give it a fresh lick of paint, ensure lights are working and that clutter is cleared.




Extra Tip: Awkward Spaces.


If you have space underneath your staircase or a bare alcove, why not install some shelves, set up a small office or create a seating area with storage underneath. This shows ingenious design while boosting your house’s value.


Staging a house is always fun and can make a real difference in terms of buyer impact and the offers made. If you’d like further advice on how to successfully stage your home, do not hesitate to call us today at one of our friendly offices:


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